My earliest memories are all about food. I grew up in a family that loves to eat and laugh, unarguably in that order. I even remember times, where the discussion and anticipation of the next meal began before the dishes for the previous meal, were cleared! I am often left wondering why I never made a career of it. Oh well..


My mom and grandmother are both exceptional cooks. When I was around 10-12, I realized I would be left to my own devices to feed myself once I left my mom's house. I promptly involved myself in acquainting myself with every aspect of the ritual with gusto. I promised myself that I would never suffer a mediocre meal if I could help it! 


I have come to realize that the best gift you can give your loved ones, is "you" in perfect health! Since it is impossible for me to go on a diet, I try to nourish myself in a way that I can follow for the rest of my life. Since I do not much like salads and such, I am on a constant lookout for healthy vegetarian recipes. I am always eager to share whatever I create, or stumble across with friends and family. This is just a way to share it in a bigger way, keeping a record in the process.


Like the majority of the populace in the Silicon Valley, I am a techie (I know, how mind-numbingly unoriginal of me), and love to create exciting products for the greater good of humanity (gasp!). 


I wish to dedicate this website to my mom who has been my biggest culinary (and all other kinds of) inspiration.


About me

And here's me, in my psychedelic best. And happy for it!